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Cshu Copyright and Disclaimer

Any Cshu users should carefully read this statement, the user can choose not to use the Cshu, the user behavior of the Cshu will be seen as recognition of the entire contents of this statement.

1, Cshu has all the information within this website copyright. Any authorization to view, copy, print and disseminate the information within this website are subject to the following conditions:

  All information and images are for information purposes;
  All information and images are not used for commercial purposes;
  All information, images or any part thereof must include this copyright notice;
  This site (cshu.org) all products, technologies and procedures are all intellectual property rights belonging to Cshu, this did not authorize.
  Without the written permission of Cshu, no person shall without authorization (including but not limited to: the illegal copy, distribute, display, image, upload, download) to use. Otherwise, Cshu will shall be held liable.

  This page may contain technical or typographical errors, we will occasionally update this site's content.

2, Cshu published by the definition of the user, interpretation, comments and other copyright books and published its contents C of C co-written all users. But the C definition of the book published by the user, interpretation, comments and other content does not reflect the views of any Cshu and its content or copyright issues arising from disputes also increased from the user personal responsibility, this site does not assume any related responsibility.

3, C C written book website user has published definitions of other users, interpretation, comments, etc. to view, copy, print rights, and in the C range of references to the book website, edit, modify, publish rights. However, this site may not be used beyond the scope of the edit, modify, publish, and any other commercial purpose related activities.

4, in addition to C indicate the terms of service book, all other arising from the use of this website for any accident, negligence, contract damage, libel, copyright or intellectual property rights infringement and its damages (including infection by computer virus while downloading) , C is not responsible for the book, nor assume any legal liability.

5, the user query engine in Cshu at their own risk, Cshus do not do any form of guarantee, does not guarantee the search results meet the requirements of users, the search does not guarantee uninterrupted service, the safety of search results, accuracy, timeliness nature, do not guarantee legitimacy. Depending on network conditions, communication lines and other technical reasons which led to any normal user can not be written in C, Cshus do not bear any legal responsibility.

6, Cshus to respect and protect all the Cshu user's personal privacy, user registration user name, e-mail address and other personal information, non-user license or a person under the relevant mandatory provisions of law, Cshus do not take the initiative to divulged to third parties. The user query engine written in C enter keywords will not be considered a user's privacy information.

7, no unit or individual that the C content of the book may be suspected of infringement of their legitimate rights and interests, should be promptly written to the C or the service website written feedback, and provide proof of identity, ownership certificates and detailed proof of infringement, Cshus in the receipt of such legal documents, will remove the allegedly infringing content as soon as possible.


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