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Introduction of Cshu

Cshu is one of the exoteric cyclopaedias in the internet, which establish her explanation system base on the words. She is advanced at universality and authority.

1, Cshu Tenet

Open encyclopedia, information on the achievement of knowledge sharing.
Users involved in the use of a wide range of editing and evaluation methods.
Hundred schools of thought contend, and the authority to adopt the principle of attaching equal importance.

2, Cshu Sites

WWW Site —— Url: http://en.cshu.org/
WAP Site —— Url: http://en.cshu.org/wap/
RSS Booking —— Url: http://en.cshu.org/rss/
Cshu Toolbar (Chinese Editon Download) —— To provide auxiliary Cshu Toolbar IE, security, green, integrated, including Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other major search engines at home and abroad, but also to provide pr and alexa ranking value features such as real-time view.
Cshu Browser Plug-in (Install, Uninstall) —— Registry Cshu browser plug-in, fully green, click the right mouse button just a click away, you can use the search word Cshu.

3, Cshu Services

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