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backwards (also backward)
adv 1 away from one's front; towards the back : He looked backwards over his shoulder. . 2 with the back or the end first ; : It's not easy to run backwards. . * The word `star' is `rats' backwards. star rats. 3 toward a worse or a previous state : Let's take a journey backwards through time, ie imagine we are going back to an earlier period in history. . * Instead of making progress, my work actually seems to be going backwards. , . =>Usage at forward2 forward2. 4 (idm ) ,backward(s) and `forward(s) first in one direction and then in the other : travelling backwards and forwards between London and the south coast * [attrib ] a backward and forward movement . bend/lean over `backwards (to do sth) (infml ) make a great effort ; : Although we bent over backwards to please her, our new manager was still very critical of our work. , . know sth backwards => know.
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:46:08
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