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/ 5kAlkjUleIt; `kAlkjE9let/ v 1 [Tn, Tf, Tw] work (sth) out by using numbers or one's judgement; estimate ; ; : calculate the cost of sth/how much sth will cost * Scientists have calculated that the world's population will double by the end of the century. . * I calculate that we will reach London at about 3 pm. 3. 2 [Tn, Tf, Tnt] (US infml ) suppose (sth); believe ; ; . 3 (idm ) be calculated to do sth be intended or designed to do sth : This advertisement is calculated to appeal to children. . * His speech was calculated to stir up the crowd. . a calculated `insult deliberate or premeditated insult . a calculated `risk risk taken deliberately with full knowledge of the dangers . 4 (phr v) calculate on sth/doing sth depend or rely on sth : We can't calculate on (having) good weather for the barbecue. .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009/11/22 13:41:06
§ Mothers Day § crusher § put sth towards sth § christmas § xmas §

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