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/ 5kArEktE(r); `kArIktL/ n 1 [C] (a) mental or moral qualities that make a person, group, nation, etc different from others , : What does her handwriting tell you about her character? ? * His character is very different from his wife's. . * The British character is often said to be phlegmatic. . (b) all those features that make a thing, a place, an event, etc what it is and different from others , , , : the character of the desert landscape * The whole character of the village has changed since I was last here. , . * The wedding took on the character of (ie became like) a farce when the vicar fell flat on his face.  , . 2 [U] (a) striking individuality : drab houses with no character . (b) moral strength ; ; : a woman of character * It takes character to say a thing like that. . * Some people think military service is character-building. . 3 [C] (a) (infml ) person, esp an odd or unpleasant one : He looks a suspicious character. . (b) (approv ) person who is not ordinary or typical; person with individuality ; : She's a real/quite a character! []! 4 [C] person in a novel, play, etc : the characters in the novels of Charles Dickens . 5 [C] reputation, esp a good one ; : damage sb's character . 6 [C] letter, sign or mark used in a system of writing or printing : Chinese, Greek, Russian, etc characters . 7 (idm ) in/out of character typical/not typical of a person's character(1a) []: Her behaviour last night was quite out of character. .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009/11/22 13:41:08
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