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/ Ik5sepFn; Ik`sZpFEn/ n 1 [C, U] (an instance of) leaving out or excluding; person or thing that is not included ; ; : Most of the buildings in this town are rather unattractive, but this church is an exception. , . * The children did well, the only exception being Jo, who failed. , . * All students without exception must take the English examination. , . * I enjoyed all his novels with the exception of his last. , . 2 [C] thing that does not follow a rule : an exception to a rule of grammar . 3 (idm ) the exception proves the `rule (saying ) the excepting of some cases proves that the rule exists, or that it applies to all other cases : All his family have red hair except him. He is the exception which proves the rule. . . make an exception (of sb/sth) treat sb/sth as a special case []: You must all be here at 8 am; I can make no exceptions, ie I cannot excuse any of you. , . take exception to sth object to sth; be offended by sth ; : He took great exception to what I said. . * She took exception to having to wait outside in the rain. , .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:41:27
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