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/ gCd; ^Bd/ n 1 [C] being or spirit that is believed to have power over nature and control over human affairs : Mars was the Roman god of war. . * a feast/sight (fit) for the gods, ie which is exceptionally fine []. 2 God [sing] (in various religions, esp Christianity, Judaism and Islam) the Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the universe , , , , , : God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, ie the Holy Trinity in the Christian religion * I swear by Almighty God (ie very solemnly) that the evidence I shall give... , ... * As God is my witness (ie I solemnly swear), that's the truth! , ! * He likes to play God, ie behave as if he could control people and events. . 3 [C] (a) person greatly admired or adored : To people of our generation Kennedy was a god. , . (b) thing to which too much attention is given : Money is his god. . 4 the gods [pl] gallery seats high up in a theatre : sitting in the gods . 5 (idm ) an act of God => act1. for God's, etc sake => sake. for the love of `God, etc => love1. God al`mighty/God in `heaven/good `God/(oh) (my) God (used to express surprise, horror, etc ): God, what a stupid thing to do! , ! God/goodness/Heaven knows => know. God/Heaven forbid => forbid. God/Heaven help sb => help1. God's gift to sb/sth (often ironic ) sb/sth that seems specially created to be useful to or enjoyed by a group of people, an industry, etc [] : He seems to think he's God's gift to women. . God willing (used to express the wish that one will be able to do as one intends or plans ): I'll be back next week, God willing. , . honest to God/goodness => honest. in `God's name (used when asking angry or surprised questions , ): What in God's name was that huge bang? ? in the lap of the gods => lap1. a man of God => man. please God => please. put the fear of God into sb => fear1. thank God, etc => thank. a tin god => tin. to God/goodness/Heaven (used after a v to express a strong hope, wish, etc , ): I wish to God he'd turn that radio down! ! ,ye `gods (dated or joc ) (used to express surprise ).
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009/11/22 13:41:35
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