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make out
(infml ) (usu in questions after how how) manage; survive; fare ; ; : How did he make out while his wife was away? ? * How are you making out with Mary? ie How is your relationship with her developing? ? make sb `out understand (sb's character) : What a strange person she is! I can't make her out at all. ! . make sb/sth out manage to see sb/sth or read sth []: I could just make out a figure in the darkness. . * The dim outline of a house could be made out. . * Can you make out what that sign says? ? make sth out write out sth; complete sth : make out a cheque for 10 10 * Applications must be made out in triplicate. . * The doctor made me out a prescription. . make sth out; make out if/whether... understand sth : I can't make out what she wants. . * How do you make that out? ie How did you reach that conclusion? ? * I can't make out if she enjoys her job or not. . make out that...; make oneself/sb/sth out to be... claim; assert; maintain ; ; : He made out that he had been robbed. . * She's not as rich as people make out/as people make her out to be. . * He makes himself out to be cleverer than he really is. .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:41:52
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