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/ 5mQltItju:d; ?@ -tu:d; `mQltE9tud/ n (fml ) 1 [C] ~ (of sb/sth) extremely large number of people or things (esp of people gathered or moving about in one area) , : A large multitude had assembled to hear him preach. . * Vast multitudes of birds visit this lake in spring. . * just one of a multitude of problems, reasons, etc . 2 the multitude [Gp] (sometimes derog ) ordinary people; the masses ; ; : special qualities which mark her out from the multitude * demagogues who appeal to the multitude . 3 (idm ) cover/hide a multitude of sins (often joc ) conceal a (usu unpleasant) reality : The description `produce of more than one country' can cover a multitude of sins. `'.
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:43:02
§ Mothers Day § crusher § put sth towards sth § christmas § xmas §

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