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/ 9CpE5reIFn; 9BpE`reFEn/ n 1 [U] way in which sth works; working ; ; : I can use a word processor but I don't understand its operation. , . 2 [C] activity, often involving several people and/or spread over a period of time : mount a rescue operation * at each stage of the massive police operation * The entire operation will take about five days. . 3 (also op) [C] ~ (on sb) (for sth); ~ (to do sth) (medical ) action performed by a surgeon on any part of the body, to treat or remove by cutting a diseased or an injured part : undergo an operation for appendicitis * perform an operation to amputate his leg * a liver transplant operation . 4 [C] business company : a huge multinational electronics operation . 5 (a) [C usu pl ] (also ops) movement of ships, troops, aircraft, etc in war or during training , : the officer in charge of operations . (b) Operation [sing] (used as part of a code name for military campaigns ): Operation Overlord . (c) [C usu pl ] planned campaign in industry, business, etc : involved in building, banking, business operations * operations research, ie study of business operations to improve efficiency in industry. 6 [C] (mathematics ) addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, etc . 7 (idm ) be in operation; bring sth/come into operation (cause sth to) be/become effective , : When does the plan come into operation? ? * Is this rule in operation yet? ?
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:42:00
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