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/ peE(r); pZr/ n 1 [C] two things of the same kind, usu used together : a pair of gloves, shoes, socks, ear-rings * a huge pair of eyes . 2 [C] object consisting of two parts joined together : a pair of spectacles, tights, scissors, compasses * My spectacles are broken I'll need to buy another pair. --. * These trousers cost 30 a pair. 30. 3 [pl v] two people closely connected or doing sth together : the happy pair, ie the newly married couple * (infml ) You've behaved very badly, the pair of you! , ! 4 [CGp] one male and one female animal of the same species that mate with each other : a pair of swans nesting by the river . 5 [C] two horses harnessed together to pull a carriage, etc : a coach and pair . 6 [C] (either of) two Members of Parliament of opposing parties who agree that neither will vote in a division, so that neither need attend . 7 (idm ) in `pairs two at a time; in twos ; : Cuff-links are only sold in pairs. . show a clean pair of heels => show2. > pair v 1 [esp passive : Tn, Tn.pr] ~ A with B arrange (people or things) in a pair or pairs : I've been paired with Bob (ie Bob and I will play together as partners) in the next round of the competition. . 2 [I] (of animals) mate , . 3 [esp passive : Tn, Tn.pr] ~ with sb; ~ A with B (in Parliament) (cause sb to) form a pair(6) . 4 (phr v) pair (sb/sth) off (with sb) (cause to) form a pair or pairs , : The students had all paired off by the end of term. . * Her parents tried to pair her off with a rich neighbour. . pair up (with sb) form a pair or pairs in order to work, play a game, etc together .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:42:02
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