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/ 5pri:mIEm; `primIEm/ n 1 amount or instalment (to be) regularly paid for an insurance policy : Your first premium is now due. . 2 additional payment, eg one added to wages or interest payments; bonus ; ; ; : A premium of 2 per cent is paid on long-term investments. . * You have to pay a premium for express delivery. . * [attrib ] Premium rents are charged in the city centre. . 3 (idm ) at a `premium (a) (finance ) (of stocks and shares) above the normal or usual value ; : Shares are selling at a premium. . (b) rare or difficult to obtain, and therefore more expensive or more highly valued than usual : Space is at a premium in this building. . * Honesty is at a premium in this profession, I'm afraid! , ! put a premium on sb/sth (a) make (sb/sth) seem important []: The high risk of infection puts a premium on the use of sterile needles. , . (b) attach special value or importance to sb/sth []: The examiners put a premium on rational argument. .
OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY posted at 2009-11-22 13:43:05
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